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Hong Kong men valued looks above other criteria, while women paid attention to education, profession, and whether potential matches appeared serious about wanting to commit. Skip to main content. Saturday, 02 July, , 3: Sunday, 03 July, , The hook-up website for single Donald Trump supporters In Hong Kong alone, it claims to enable more than 13, matches and actual dates every week, and claims to have brought together couples since launching in the city. You are signed up.

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Hong Kong Indian Dating, Hong Kong Indian Singles, Hong Kong Indian Personals

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: Still, by advising folks to quit being picky I mean, maybe you should give the guys who fit your basic requirements a go Date, even if it comes to nothing, go out on a handful of blind dates a month.. Get on out there! Or just expat women in China? The qualities of a Western guy in a Chinese fellow? Yujanice 10 yrs ago I have been staying in Korean for few months, the girls are so submissive even they are all very tough in manner. This is what you can't find in Hong Kong girls so called "office lady" or "professional banker" you know, they are all arrogant.

Most of the Japanese girls are quite the same as Korean girls too.

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  3. Hong Kong Indian Dating, Hong Kong Indian Singles, Hong Kong Indian Personals.
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  6. Even at this generation. I feel so sad on HK girls that they never do household job, never cook, wash dishes and ironing. They are proud of hiring a domestic helper but discard the family. I am based in HK yet studied overseas. Personally, I never thought Asian women were "easy".. Even in Singapore where I live, there're so many more girls than boys around.

    Even on a crowded bus, just have a look around and you'll see so many more girls than guys. And many ladies in singapore in their 20s are finding it very hard to land a guy becoz there're just not enough to go around. I just think there're plainly too many girls around than guys.

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    I think some countries have more girls than boys. For Singapore, im very sure there're more girls than guys.

    I think it's also the same in Japan and China. Whereas I noticed that in India and the muslim countries, there're a lot men.

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    I think maybe it's the kind of genes, the diet or something. I read a report which mentioned that men who're stressed or work in harmful environment lose or produce very little Y chromosomes which are needed to make a baby boy. They do become a little desperate once past 30 and so lower their standards. There are alot of local women past or about to hit 30, who would marry a local guy who she would not even date let alone look at when she was younger. They end up marrying the nerdy office guys who could never ever get a date.

    I asked them why and basically, their values have changed and fun and good looks are not a priority but security and family values are more important and these nerdier guys can give them financial security and will dedicate themselves more to the girls than the playboy types that these women liked when they were younger I think you don't see alot of Local men chasing western women mainly because of cultural differences and I guess the main thing would be LANGUAGE. If their english is not that good, they would not have the confidence to approach a western women.

    The local guys also think western women are more troublesome and probably too much work. There are still a lot of traditional Chinese families in Hk, with strong Confucian values. The people here are embarrassed by their English skills and they genuinely feel like their place in the world is a bit uncertain I think. Having the English telling you your language and culture are deficient for yrs will do that to you. Hence the fascination and sycophantic behaviour. I think the other issue is a basic issue with how women think and who they are attracted to. Women more than anything else I think are attracted to a man with a higher social status than them.

    Its not really about money or looks or anything else, its purely a situation where they want an ego boost out of being seen with someone of a high social status. Which is why women of all ages love celebrities.

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    For HK women this is even more pronounced because for their entire lives they have been swooned over and protected by their families. They dont leave home like western people do at around 18 or 19 yrs of age, they will live at home until marriage.

    Indian Dating and Matchmaking in Hong Kong | Futurescopes

    Not only that but they have maids and nannys running around after them, ever wondered why few HK women like to cook? So basically what they seek is that same feeling of security The more insecure a woman is the more secure her partner needs to be, hence the high expectations of squid person above. Thats what I see anyway, feel free to disgree! I note you say "living together"..

    Not that I'm judging, but it would sure make it easier to walk away, which is what I suggest you do, before committing yourself to perpetual servitude. But, some western women just don't like asian men. Whether it's the way we look, or whatever stigma we may carry small tools etc? But I think that's a contributing factor as to why a lot of the local dudes don't go after you gals.. Being shut down hard in the past by some ice cold racism is rough on anyone's ego. I'm chinese, but I was born in Canada and grew up as the only chinese kid in my city more or less.

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    I spent most of my adolescent life dating 'western' let's not beat around the bush anymore, White women. From personal experience, there's always a bit of an ethnic barrier that must be broken down and it helps being a bit of a masochist. Fear of rejection is something universal in humans all around the world. It's not specific to men or women or people in Hong Kong etc. This being said, I don't think that's the sole reason why you girls aren't getting approached.

    If I've had hotter girls than you hit on me before, why would I bother putting in the effort for you.

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    Any of the girls hot enough to motivate a man to approach them would have one or more already. If you find yourself asking yourself why men in Hong Kong are pussies or cowards it's not that, it's just that you just aren't that hot or 'intriguing' for a more politically correct term. So, adjust your behaviour and expectations accordingly.

    I'm not saying 'settle' for some ugly nerd, but perhaps you need to broaden your acceptable scope of possible suitors, that's all. Different mentalities and cultural upbringings attract different people. Im 23, Australian male and teaching English here, that puts me in a higher pay bracket than most girls i meet by at least 3x, It makes me a very attractive option to most Asian girls which i enjoy of course - who doesn't enjoy being attractive to the majority of people you see? I'm not saying that western girls are wrong to be here, I'm just saying that expecting western men to pay attention to 1 western girl when we see on average 15 to 25 extremely attractive Chinese girls every day is stretching the expectation a bit far I have a few western male friends who played the field for the first year or so and now have steady live in girlfriends Chinese who are happy with their relationships.

    Hope it helps give some understanding. If someone want to know the mind of chinese woman, it is welcome to feel free to ask me or how about the the image of native chinese men for me. It's a classic stereotype but I have to say I don't see why so many western women complain I mean sure there's few available western men for them but you'd think with million chinese men they could find a good one, Shanghaiese men seem to be really good towards their women, carry bags, cook, look after them in every way possible.

    Chinese women vs Western women.